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Haven's Corner

Just another Wordpress site..really it is :)

If you happen to see a creepy looking person in the bookstore gawking at the journal section


its probably ok to say Hi


Im a book nerdddd(YES despite the fact that I have horrible grammer skills..dont judge me lol). I have 2 nooks and I still enjoy the physical nature of  a book..I also write and collect journal and interesting pens


My darling little girl  happen to give me a rose shaped pen for Valentines Day the flower part was heart shapes made into a rose. She knows her Mama


SOME of my Favorite books that I have read are

all of Donald Goines every last one of them..what can I say I was born a hood baby lol

Tar Baby and Song of Solomon by of course Toni Morrison

This much I know is true  and Shes come undone -Wally Lamb (both of these Ive read at least twice)



I love the Hunger Games Trilogy and I love the Maze Runner too

Ive also been reading more spiritually themed books like the 4 agreements and seat of the soul

I  have yet to read any Iylana Vanzant but shes on my list

oh and Im also thinking about the goldfinch since everyone on the train is reading it these days

andddd I just finished The Alchemist which wasn’t too bad


I’m also a fan of Neil Gaiman’s Books I’ve read Neverwhere and I have American Gods on my to read list as well


ok ill stop now


peace and blessings





One of the things that I’ve learned these days is to not take things too personally. I find that practicing this has helped create a bigger opening for peace for me.

Taking things personally too much can kind of bite you in the ass in the end. Holding grudges, or holding on to feelings of being taken advantage of, or even  yearning for justice for things that were probably are rightfully deserved can I  feel blocks greater blessings. It holds you back and it leaves you stuck.

Every body has their own issues no? and perception has a million prisms whos even to say who is really right and really wrong?

When I see someone acting out of pure madness I TRY (Imma be honest here) I TRY not to let it bother me its only because thats pretty much all they know. Because when you know better you do better lol.

Anddddddd its also good to look at it like this

We all (beep) up and make mistakes ; just as someone can feel like they are justified to take anothers persons actions personally ,Im sure someone can say the same about you lol ;at the end of the day we are only as perfect as our imperfections no


so let it go you win some you lose some…life goes on dont sweat the small stuff consider yourself blessed creations of God and lets keep the journey moving forward


here’s some soap for thought


heres a soap going through whats called the gel phase..this is where the soap “soapanifies” it heats up to the point of a gel like consistency and then cools down again


2013-03-02 01.30.55

2013-03-02 01.27.09





I AM BACK PEOPLE and with that to everyone who has taken the time to visit my little corner I say blessings and Thank You Greatly. I also want to take the time out to recognize and offer my condolences in Rememberance of a great woman Maya Angelou who has since passed away last Wednesday. To be quite honest I’ve never been one to be filled with emotion when it comes to a celebrity death or tragedy; but this one has hit home since I do love to read  (yes. I do even though my writing sucks) I do have a great appreciation for books and the writers they are attached to.


Anyways so a lot has been happening to me in the past couple of months. Its been a battle but Im still here and still standing. Its kinda making me feel that now maybe I should turn this blog over in another direction , make it a little more interesting make it more authentic to myself I guess…yeah talking about soap to people that only pretty much care about the final product is probably  not a good idea since the idea of my blog wasn’t really geared to soapers ; as much as I identify with what I love to do thats still just a part of me.


Life has put me in some amazing predicaments and im a very grateful for each and every one of them. Its so funny because have you ever sat down with someone and gave them advice and then realize like wow.. that shit I said to xzy its happening to me and now I know that what I said was right because Im seeing it right here before my very eyes lololol its mind blowing.


So ill try this out because I can open myself up and the people that care enough to visit more things to kinda talk about


like who are we.

what’s our purpose.

why are we here.

are we all just freaking  nuts and out of our heads in 2014 lol


Anyways tell me what you think people.



with that said I want to give a special shout out to my cousin Zolahhhhh who encourages me to always follow my heart and to DREAM BIG


As always peace and blessings


Love Julie.

oh and just to get this out of the way people a lot of times wonder hmmmm does her handmade soaps with all her natural and organic ingredients do they realllllly soap


2013-12-07 13.40.27 2013-12-07 13.40.23 2013-12-07 13.40.05 2013-12-07 13.39.28 2013-12-07 13.39.05

yes they do









Ive come up with a great recipe using an aloe vera base which adds even more beneficial properties to skin. ill be doing alot of testing on this… at least a next year  hopefully *fingers crossed* it will be perfection

1. Sweet Almond Oil

Rich in vitamin E, A, B1, B2 and B6, it effectively balances the moisture in dry and irritated skin. It is easily absorbed hence does not leave the skin sticky and oily or block the pores.

I use this oil mainly for lotions, creams  because of its richness in vitamin E and its not heavy

its also suppose to be great for  dark circles around eyes


so get some use some

So I had some left over from an almond scented loaf I made for samples and decided to make some stars with the left overs

maybe ill use these to top or embed in a soap

2014-02-15 10.55.59 2014-02-15 10.52.53


The Innanets


Its a love hate relationship I suppose. I love it. This is where my soap making journey started. Right here.

But I hate it. Surprising not everything that is on the internet is true.

Ahhhh so you mean I still gotta do this the hard way and do my research lol

NOTE TO SELF-YESSSSSS  sorry hun if you think it was gonna be that easy think again

*huffs puffs and grumbles on* where are my damn glasses I have work to do…


Disclaimer : this is nothing to do with anything just 1 of the many voices in my head that I choose to share with you today

Many Blessings




I love adding Coconut Milk to my soaps

This one is made with Coconut Milk  and Essential Oil of Tea Tree and Lavender

2013-11-24 07.44.08 2013-11-24 07.44.33 2013-11-24 07.51.25

Hmmm good question

For me its a ritual. Its a time out I take in the day to cleans my body AND mind. For those that do not know I live my day life as an Accountant and I have made the choice;( for now) to succumb to the cattle /robot style daily routine as a New Yorker working in Midtown.

With the hustle of daily life of being a mother ; a daughter, a worker, and a partner I have found this ritual for me  is non compromisal .I need  to unwind and de-stress; which is essential because I also happen to be a very sensitive person.

Anyway back to the soaps. I need that night time bath in a candle lit bathroom to wash the day away. It is a MUST for me. I’m a perfectionist so when I do something it has to be right and I have to go all the way. To enjoy this ritual every thing has to be aligned with this desire. I need a good soap. I need a soap that is fresh, gentle and beneficial to and for my body, and one that can calm me in a blissful sleep and or awaken my spirit.

This is my intention when I create a soap. My soap is for my soul which is the most precious part of me.


another “soapbox” post by yours truly

Methinks I will also have to start making candles because this indulgence in them is getting quite expensive lol

So this is totally my fault and will be really boring to most people but such is life

When you’re making a soap it goes through a “gel phase”. The gel phase blah blah blah is a phase of the saponification process. The saponification process  is where the soap heats up and becomes almost a translucent like gel and then cools down. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to hours depending on what the soap is made with. Gelling however ; can affect the desired color of soap especially when you’re using only natural colorants.


I wanted to keep the color more vibrant by trying to stop the soap from going through gel phase. Every single time Ive tried this my soap comes out frigged up. Ughhhhh

Methinks that I should not use Palm Kernal Oil in my soap when im trying to avoid gel…the soap just comes out a  mess

2014-01-20 22.26.14 2014-01-23 07.28.38


at least one came out with a little smiliey face ..that made me feel a little better