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Hopefully everyone is enjoying their Holidays


Now even with Christmas just a couple of days away I find myself back to business

Right now I’m focusing on giving my etsy a little more attention. To be completely honest I haven’t done any online sales except from the sales from my kick starter.

this of course will be one of my goals that I will be focusing on in the year 2015


sooo check out my etsy and questions or concerns or COUPONS email me


I do have soaps available there and I have some curing as we speak

I especially love this one




this is one of what I call my Dump Batches

Dump Batches are my favorite batches to make.What’s special about these batches are that I really get to play get creative and have fun with leftover soap making ingredients and supplies.

This Dump Batch happens to be a heavenly Almond blend Fragrance with floral notes of Rose to help balance out that sweet sickly smell I abhor. What makes this particular dump soap pretty interesting is the Hawaiian Black Sea Salt loaded at the BOTTOM of the soap. Sea Salts in Soap help Detoxify and draw out impurities and gives a gentle exfoliation on the body.

the soap is also topped with Hawaiian Sea Salt and Crushed Rose Petals

My Dump Batches are extremely popular and many times they have sold out in a blink of an eye. My customers at the farmers market load up on these one of a kind batches because they are never to be seen again


I especially excited to use this bar myself..I have no more of this sea salt so it extremely unlikely that I would even have a chance at making this soap again

these of course are on my etsy for presale so make sure you get yours


til next time

Happy Hanukkah

Merry Christmas

and of course

Blessings to all of you for the New Year





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YES this has been one of most nerve racking experiences I’ve ever had in my life lol


As of right now I’m feeling very comfortable with the position I am on Kickstarter. I have OVER 200 cut bars of soap and over 200 samples. I have more than enough soap to full fill my orders. There have been some hiccups and its not over yet. I will still have to cover issues that might arrive when it comes to logistics but other than that its been an amazing learning experience




I did wayyy more washcloths than I needed also since its kind of a guessing game its better that Im well prepared

2014-11-08 13.09.36 2014-11-08 13.09.11


Kickstarter rocks


I’ve been playing around with making cupcake soaps this is my second go round


I need a piping set for frosting so that I can make the tops look more icing like but for fun I absolutely love the way these came out






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Its kind of bitter sweet. Today Im making my last 2 batches. Even though Im taking a break from actual soap making I will be working on other things.Ill be doing back end projects so that when next year comes I will be fully prepared for the market. I also want to work on my etsy page because its been terribly neglected. I don’t do any business on there as of yet but hopefully that will change in the near future.

As of now I have been working diligently on my kickstarter campaign. I have a ton of soaps ready for my backers and Im excited for the next phase

2014-11-07 20.50.28 2014-11-08 08.18.34 2014-11-05 21.18.17




ETA-well today is 12/26/14 and I have NOT repeat NOT finished making soap lol



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It’s cool though. I’m shifting in to making bigger batches. I’m also considering more my options for supplies and other things that I haven’t thought about.


I’ve been researching different websites for supplies and shipping cost. Shipping is deadly in terms of cost so I need to start maybe even looking into suppliers that might be closer to me.

I’ll also be on working on more soaps for the Kick Starter Campaign that I’m currently running ( and doing very well with I might add ;so far I’m 77% funded) yay.


I’m excited about that because it will give me the kickstart (hehehe) I will need for the market next year


for now I have a pretty good idea on my “line” of soaps. It was a little difficult picking them out because I really love them all there is rarely a soap that I don’t like


I made these goodies for a family member for her baby shower


These were baby shower gifts she having a boy so I made it very boyish with a nautical theme using handmade paper as wrapping ( I did not hand make the paper myself)





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I’ve been making a ton of those samples..I have smiley faces now so I’m eager to see those unmolded. This batch is what I call a dump batch. Dump batches are usually made with left over fragrances to create and combine a unique and one of a kind scent

this soap fragrance is sweet but clean and not over powering ; it reminds me of an old fashion lollipop you know those white ones with different colors on them …my favorite was the white yellow and red one

2014-10-12 17.16.41 2014-10-12 17.16.48




I also have some cupcake ones as well …soaps that is not lollipops


ohhh and I’m also on instagram  check me out @shessoapshaven



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Well for the past couple of months I’ve been spending my Saturdays at my local farmers market and its been amazing.

Its been a little hard to juggle everything and my blog has been suffering for it; never the less I’ll try my best to keep everyone updated on what I’ve been doing

the past couple of months I’ve been spending my Saturdays at my local farmers market  so if anyone happens to be  in the area please stop by . even if its just to say hello

I also have a kickstarter currently happening like right now so go over there and check it out Soaps Haven for the community. I have lots of pictures from the market and you get an opportunity to see exactly what I’ve been working on since paying attention to my blog hasn’t been one of them


check it out

Soaps Haven for the Community




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If you happen to see a creepy looking person in the bookstore gawking at the journal section


its probably ok to say Hi


Im a book nerdddd(YES despite the fact that I have horrible grammer skills..dont judge me lol). I have 2 nooks and I still enjoy the physical nature of  a book..I also write and collect journal and interesting pens


My darling little girl  happen to give me a rose shaped pen for Valentines Day the flower part was heart shapes made into a rose. She knows her Mama


SOME of my Favorite books that I have read are

all of Donald Goines every last one of them..what can I say I was born a hood baby lol

Tar Baby and Song of Solomon by of course Toni Morrison

This much I know is true  and Shes come undone -Wally Lamb (both of these Ive read at least twice)



I love the Hunger Games Trilogy and I love the Maze Runner too

Ive also been reading more spiritually themed books like the 4 agreements and seat of the soul

I  have yet to read any Iylana Vanzant but shes on my list

oh and Im also thinking about the goldfinch since everyone on the train is reading it these days

andddd I just finished The Alchemist which wasn’t too bad


I’m also a fan of Neil Gaiman’s Books I’ve read Neverwhere and I have American Gods on my to read list as well


ok ill stop now


peace and blessings





One of the things that I’ve learned these days is to not take things too personally. I find that practicing this has helped create a bigger opening for peace for me.

Taking things personally too much can kind of bite you in the ass in the end. Holding grudges, or holding on to feelings of being taken advantage of, or even  yearning for justice for things that were probably are rightfully deserved can I  feel blocks greater blessings. It holds you back and it leaves you stuck.

Every body has their own issues no? and perception has a million prisms whos even to say who is really right and really wrong?

When I see someone acting out of pure madness I TRY (Imma be honest here) I TRY not to let it bother me its only because thats pretty much all they know. Because when you know better you do better lol.

Anddddddd its also good to look at it like this

We all (beep) up and make mistakes ; just as someone can feel like they are justified to take anothers persons actions personally ,Im sure someone can say the same about you lol ;at the end of the day we are only as perfect as our imperfections no


so let it go you win some you lose some…life goes on dont sweat the small stuff consider yourself blessed creations of God and lets keep the journey moving forward


here’s some soap for thought


heres a soap going through whats called the gel phase..this is where the soap “soapanifies” it heats up to the point of a gel like consistency and then cools down again


2013-03-02 01.30.55

2013-03-02 01.27.09





1. Sweet Almond Oil

Rich in vitamin E, A, B1, B2 and B6, it effectively balances the moisture in dry and irritated skin. It is easily absorbed hence does not leave the skin sticky and oily or block the pores.

I use this oil mainly for lotions, creams  because of its richness in vitamin E and its not heavy

its also suppose to be great for  dark circles around eyes


so get some use some

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So I had some left over from an almond scented loaf I made for samples and decided to make some stars with the left overs

maybe ill use these to top or embed in a soap

2014-02-15 10.55.59 2014-02-15 10.52.53